Yung Michal

From shithole to the top of the world.
In one afternoon.

On Instagram, Michal presents himself as a rapper who is one step away from stardom. In reality, he is a fast-food worker in a place no one ever broke through from. What he doesn’t know yet is that his dreams will be fulfilled this afternoon.

Partners and media partners



  • Štěpán FOK Vodrážka, director
  • Jan Vejnar, Štěpán FOK Vodrážka, screenwriter
  • Vratislav Šlajer, Jakub Košťál, producers
  • Šimon Dvořáček, cinematography
  • Šimon Hájek, editor
  • Aid Kid, NobodyListen, music
  • Antonín Šilar, architect
  • Lukáš Moudrý, sound
  • Tadeáš Trojánek, executive producer