Shark in the head

A funny guy, a little crazy in the head, lives alone in the city. He spends all his days looking out the window and talking to people. He is charming, but also strange. A beautiful woman, who lives around the corner, walks by everyday… and then something changes. There is no way of stopping the shark in the head.

This is film about meeting and missing. It is a film about people who we meet everyday but still never really know them. It is film about the presence of other people that changes us…

2005, 75 min



  • Maria Procházková, written and directed by
  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Martin Štěpánek, cinematographer
  • Petr Mrkous, editing
  • Jan Čeněk, sound designer
  • Jan P. Muchow, music


  • Oldřich Kaiser
  • Jana Krausová
  • Kristýna Leichtová
  • David Máj
  • Vlasta Žehrová
  • Jiří Lábus