Shadow of the Ferns

Following a car accident, police officer Filip Marvan wakes up in a North Bohemian city in the early 1980 s and joins the district criminal police team. Why is he there? What’s his mission? What is he to make of a world in which nobody dares defy a National Security Corps (the Communist-era national police) officer, where today’s asset-strippers are the teenage elite and people dream of jeans beyond the border laid with barbed wire? And how will he get back? Will he find crucial evidence in the case that has led to his accident? Will he learn the reasons for his father’s death? And what advice should he give his twenty-year-old mother who has just learned she’s pregnant – and only he knows that she’ll have a boy named Filip?

Miniseries Shadow of the Ferns is an ward-winning adaptation of the British crime series Life on Mars.


  • Marek Najbrt, director
  • Radim Špaček, director
  • Martin Štěpánek, cinematography
  • Ondřej Štindl, screenplay
  • Ben Tuček, screenplay
  • Robert Geisler, screenplay
  • Tomás Feřtěk, scripteditor
  • Jan Vlasák, production design
  • Andrea Králová, costume design
  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Tadeáš Trojánek, line producer
Czech Television, Bionaut, TV JoJ


Václav Neužil, Ivan Trojan, Judit Bárdos, Václav Kopta, Tomáš Jeřábek, Marie Doležalová, Kryštof Hádek, Jan Budař, Miroslav Hanuš a další