Radio Kebrle

Fred Brunold, a famous entertainer and artist, used to muddle through his life in different ways long before he founded his legendary Monster Cabaret. He used to work for a certain parasitic radio station. This is an educational story about a little John and his dangerous expedition to visit his grandfather Jaroslav Kebrle, illustrating Fred’s rich experiences as a radio reporter.

2006, 16 min

Festivals and awards: Fresh Film Fest 2007, Zvláštní cena poroty Theatre Optique

Developed in co-operation: Bionaut s.r.o., FAMU, Goethe Institut, a Tichý syndikát



  • Džian Baban, scriptwriter
  • Vojtech Mašek, scriptwriter
  • Zdenek Durdil, scriptwriter
  • Zdenek Durdil, director
  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Brano Pažitka, director of photography
  • Hedvika Hansalová, editor
  • Džian Baban, music
  • Václav Flégl, sound designer
  • Barbora Fabiánová, production manager
  • Šárka Dvoráková, production manager
  • Jan Šiller, production manager


  • Robert Nebřenský as Fred Brunold