Quarantine Zlín

Drop of water will turn you to aggressive and violent monster. Will you dry out or face the consequences after you wake up from the fury attack?

Alena used to be the rock star. Everyone knows her, so everybody watched her fall to the alcohol soaked bottom. Now it seems she has recovered. She has married a wealthy businessman, who helped her back on her feet and is sponzoring her non profit organization helping alcoholics just like she was.

But the gala party of this non profit turns to madness when people start to brutally attack each other. For some reason, Alena and her exlover are the only ones who haven’t changed. In this insane world Alena has to find why, and save her husband. But even if he is saved, his “zombie period” reveals his true intentions.


  • Jakub Košťál, producer
  • Andy Fehu, director
  • Andy Fehu, Petr Koubek, screenwriters