The new film from the makers of Walking Too Fast (Pouta) is a coming of age story about love, loss and revenge. The story centres around two teenage friends, Adam (Vladimír Polívka) and Marek (Jan Cina), whose aimless lives in a small town are suddenly disrupted by the appearance of Anna (Johana Matoušková), the troubled daughter of a rich and influential local businessman. Initially her free spirit energizes Adam but soon he finds himself thrown into a spiraling chain of events. Innocence is about to be abruptly replaced with the adult emotions of guilt, fear and revenge.

In cinemas from September 18th 2014





  • Vladimír Polívka
  • Johana Matoušková
  • Jan Cina
  • Jiří Štrébl
  • Táňa Medvecká
  • Robert Nebřenský