Parta maraton

The marathon gang is approaching. A story of six people running out to embrace change. Watch the new documentary series every Wednesday evening staring May 11, 2016, on ČT1.

A cook, a student, a married police couple, a writer and an unemployed woman. Six people from different corners of the Czech Republic who would probably never meet in their normal lives. They are brought together by a running guru, Miloš Škorpil, who is supposed to get them off the couch and help them complete a marathon in eight months. Can it work?

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  • Tereza Zemanová, creator and project manager
  • Pavel Nosek, director
  • Kateřina Stibalová, screenplay
  • Andrea Papírková, production manager
  • Ivo Bystřičan, dramaturgy
  • Adam Kruliš, cinematography
  • Šimon Havel, cinematography
  • Ivo Broum, sound
  • Lucie Haladová, editing
  • Petra Berkovičová Raušová, editing
  • Petr Kubica, creative producer
  • Klára Dražanová, executive producer
Produced by Bionaut for Petr Kubica’s production group at Czech Television