Our Piggy

52 x 2 min, 2D animation, 2022
Based on the books Our Piggy, nominated for the Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition Award (published by Meander).
What’s that? Is it small, round and ours? It’s Our Piggy! Small, naive, curious and playful. Just like the youngest children, Our Piggy is discovering and learning about the things around him. It is most interested in the everyday things that turn into what they are in his imagination. A box becomes a tractor, a pillow becomes a bee – or is it the other way around? A washing machine? More fun than the TV! Best toy? Well, a piece of hose. And what’s the best thing about getting a present? The box, of course! Our piggy discovers the world one step at a time – join in, it’s fun!



  • Jaromír Plachý , created by
  • Jan Richtr , sound
  • Bára Příkaská , producer