Hungry Bear Tales: To the Pole!

25 min Christmas special – 2D
Adventurous animated series for preschool kids
The film uses motifs from Zbyněk Černík’s book Velka medvědí cesta.
Ned and Mishka are characters from Zbyněk Černík’s book Malá medvědí knížka and its

Mishka and Ned, inseparable bear friends from the series “Hungry Bear Tales,” embark on a brand-new adventure! This time, they’re heading to a popsicle festival all the way at the far pole. But what’s so special about this pole? Will they even manage to find it and savor those delicious popsicles? Fortunately, following their usual tradition, they lend a hand to a few friends in need, and in return, receive assistance themselves… Hooray for popsicles!

producer: Bionaut (Czech Republic)
co-producers: Treehouse Republic (Ireland), Czech Television (Czech Republic)
financial support of: Czech Film Fund, Creative Europe MEDIA – Programme of the European Union, Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland, Irish Film Industry

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  • Kateřina Karhánková, direction
  • Bára Příkaská, producer
  • Tomáš Končinský, script
  • Filip Pošivač, art design
  • Prokop Holoubek, music
  • Jiří Gráf, sound
  • Vratislav Šlajer, executive producer


  • Derek DeWitt
  • Jeff Koch
  • Gregory Gudgeon
  • Julie Josephson
  • Joshua Morrison
  • Bree Welch
  • Jessica Boone