Fred’s Brunold Monstercabaret

This is a volume 2 of the never ending comic series of Fred’s Brunold Monstercabaret. We meet with Fred Brunold again, elephant-man Damien, a poet Jožka Lipnik, an old morose publisher and author Hermann Schlechtfreund and last, but not least with lunatic genetic scientist and political adventurer, who is known as doctor Woman.

Never – ending testimony track record led by captain Václav Štulec, who served as a customs officer on a Slovak-Ukrainian border Ubla-Malyj Bereznyh on one autumn afternoon in mid 80s of 20th century. He got lost without a trace the very same day. He has been missing ever since.

Published by Tichý syndikát in 2006 in Prague.


  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Džian Baban, scriptwriter
  • Vojtech Mašek, scriptwriter
  • Vojtech Mašek, illustrations
  • Jan Šiller, cover and graphic design