Elephants in Marienbad

The first volume of the comic series Fred Brunold’s Monster Cabaret. The entertaining Monster Cabaret, with its questionable reputation and fallen standards, has been traveling through the sleeping spa cities of Europe. Its principal is a fallen entertainer, the burnt-out carny and alcoholic Mr. Fred Brunhold. Despite his best efforts to drown himself in narcotics and perverse habits, he always manages to conjure more new stories from the darkness and dreamscapes during his performances, to intoxicate and carry away the bored philistines who have visited the rancid tent of the Monster Cabaret on Sunday evening.

Published by Tichý syndikát in Prague 2004.


  • Džian Baban, writer
  • Vojtech Mašek, writer
  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Vojtech Mašek, art design
  • Jan Šiller, cover and graphic design