Doctor Martin: Mystery in the Beskydy Mountains

The distinctive Dr. Martin solves the hitherto unknown mysteries of his personal life, and one detective case. He has to cope with taking care of his young child for a day on his own, iron out traditional misunderstandings with partner Lída, and at the same time get to the bottom of a mystery whose trail leads deep into the past, back to the time of the First Republic. Few people today know the ancient secrets of the Beskydy forests, and they only surface after the discovery of a remarkably small skeleton. This in itself causes a commotion in the little mountain town. What causes even more uproar, however, is the fact that Officer Topinka and Dr. Martin have jumped into solving the case.


  • Petr Zahrádka, director
  • Tomáš Končinský, screenplay
  • Miroslav Holman, cinematography
  • Andy Čermak, music
  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Marek Opatrný, editing
  • Tomáš Zůbek, sound
  • Jiří Gráf, sound
  • Jan Vlček, scenography
  • Michaela Kicková, make-up
  • Ivan Stekla, costumes


  • Miroslav Donutil
  • Robert Mikluš
  • Jitka Čvančarová
  • Elizaveta Maximová
  • Marek Geišberg
  • Jiří Bartoška
  • Jana Štěpánková
  • Marek Taclík