Constable Topinka

His job is his vocation, his determination is endless, and his main enemy is… his incompetence.

The series Constable Topinka is a loose continuation of the series Doctor Martin. Tomáš Topinka is one of the most popular supporting characters. The dim-witted defender of public order in the small town of Protějov in the Beskydy Mountains, who sees his job as a vocation and no case as too small to conduct a big investigation, is back in a comedy detective series for the whole family. His old friends also return to the show to help him get to the bottom of the cases: nurse Irena (Gabriela Marcinková), forest ranger Horák (Tomáš Jeřábek), teacher Fiala (Václav Kopta) and Dr. Elinger (Miroslav Donutil). And, of course, Píďa the dog.


  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Tomáš Končinský, headwriter
  • Petr Zahrádka, director
  • Tomáš Feřtek, script editor
  • Miroslav Holman, DoP
  • Vlaďka Poláčková, line producer


  • Robert Mikluš
  • Miroslav Donutil
  • Jenovéfa Boková
  • Jiří Bartoška
  • Veronika Freimanová
  • Gabriela Marcinková
  • Marek Geišberg
  • and more