Marek and Monika Šír move from Prague to the country. Their plan is to find not only better air quality for their son who suffers miserably from asthma, but also a more advantageous environment for the two older Romany boys they’ve adopted. Their dream of free and natural living soon goes awry when an elderly neighbour accuses their son František of breaking the front windshield of his car. The villagers are not very obliging to the strangers; acting with open hostility, which seems to be heading towards litigation, and pushes the Šír´s to react inappropriately. The boys themselves manage to make Marek and Monika see red from time to time despite the parents’ determination to create a just and loving family environment.

But the normality of the everyday is born out of the fragile miracle of love and the fear of irremediable errors. The film’s temperate narration offers an open look at questions of everyday tolerance, love and family.

2002, 93 min



  • Zdeněk Tyc, director
  • Tereza Boučková, script writer
  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Patrik Hoznauer, cinematography
  • Štefan Theisz, set designer
  • Vladimíra Fomínová, costume designer
  • Jaromír Vašek, editing
  • Ondřej Ježek, sound designer
  • Michael Míček, sound designer
  • Martin Němec a Jablkoň, music


  • Ivan Trojan
  • Petra Špalková
  • Jan Cina
  • Lukáš Rejsek
  • Tomáš Klouda
  • Zdeněk Dušek