Bitter Coffee

Maya and Renata run into each other after ten years and decide to take a trip to the place where they grew up together. Maya lives with Tomislav, Renata with David. Both are not very excited about their idea. Two couples, two different relationships. That decision does not meet with much understanding from David and Tomislav. But when they give in to the demands of their girlfriends, a hysterical trip begins.

This is a comedy about people who don´t know what they want – they want too much and when they get it, realise how little they need it. It’s a comedy about love, a trip from seriousness to hysteria and back again, about contempt towards affairs (except your own affairs), about small things like a career or how to tell somebody that you love them. And on top of it all, it’s also a comedy about a summer boat trip.

2004, 82 min



  • Börkur Gunnarsson, screenwriter
  • Börkur Gunnarsson, director
  • Vratislav Šlajer, producer
  • Tony Gřešek, cinematography
  • Zdeněk Marek, editing
  • Ondřej Ježek, sound
  • Southpaw, Nierika, Roe-Deer, music


  • Martin Hofmann
  • Markéta Coufalová
  • Kaisa Elramly
  • Žán Loose
  • Jiří Ployhar
  • Vojtěch Švejda
  • Jiří Lábus
  • Hana Maciuchová
  • Eva Leimbergerová