25 min special + 26 x 11 min
2D/3D animace, in development

Izzy, Chester, Zoe, Kyle and Jesse live in the city. They are friends and know each other from the club run by Richard, who teaches them camp skills. It‘s finally summer and kids can‘t wait to get to the Animalies camp – out of the parent‘s sight, at last! But it turns out it won‘t be easy to get there. Not because they happen to have physical disabilities, but because they‘re typical pre-teens! Come along for the adventure with a headstrong group of kids who each possess their own unique personality.



  • Kateřina Karhánková a Marek Náprstek , direction
  • Marek Náprstek , art design
  • Milada Těšitelová , script editor
  • Prokop Holoubek , sound design
  • Bára Příkaská , producer
  • Eva Pjajčíková, Bára Příkaská, Kateřina Karhánková, Marek Náprstek, Vadim Kuskov, Marie Stará, Alexandra Májová, Martin Máj, script