Bionaut is a Czech film and TV production company based in Prague and founded in 1999. We produce fiction, documentary and animated films and television series. In 2015 Bionaut expanded its activities to include three new labels facilitating the production of several specific genres: Bionaut Animation for animation, Bionaut Docs for documentaries and Bionaut Dark for English-language genre films. We have a subsidiary company: Bionaut Works, a service division, which provides service production and co-production support to projects in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. The Audionaut label produces audio series and podcasts, Zero Gravity label is focused on film marketing, merchandising and other activities. In order to develop, produce and distribute international TV and genre projects, joint ventures have been established in Poland (Kosmonaut), Slovakia (Raketa) and Serbia (Aeronaut). We have been awarded, amongst others, an International Emmy award, Czech Lion and Czech Film Critics Awards.