9 Million Colors

To beautiful shrimp Fran, the ocean is a garden of Eden – all that splendor, there for her dangerous pincers’ taking. For Milva, a little eye-less fish, every day is about escape and struggling to survive. Only Fran sees Milva as beautiful, and she wants the ocean to be a garden of Eden for her, too. Out of love for Fran, Milva goes along with it, but she just can’t see what Fran sees – no matter what pair of eyes Fran sticks in her head.Can they overcome their differences and stay together? Short animated musical by Bára A. Stejskalová.


  • Bára Anna Stejskalová , direction
  • Bára Anna Stejskalová , art design
  • Bára Anna Stejskalová , art design
  • Jakub Košťál , producer
  • Vratislav Šlajer , producer
  • Petr Koubek , script editor
  • Lucia Zavarčiková , director of photography
  • Floex , music
  • Lukáš Janičík , editor